HP Teams Up with Deep Instinct for Cybersecurity Watchdog

It would seem that the cybersecurity league has found a new champion in the fight against malware – an AI-powered ‘watchdog’ which knows how to tackle the most advanced cyber threats known to mankind.

The state-the-art software is the brainchild of HP Inc. and Deep Instinct, a Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity startup. This powerful anti-spyware and anti-malware software will be a part of HP’s Sure Sense. Consumers will be able to download and install Sure Sense’ enhanced version starting this week.

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Nameless so far, Deep Instinct and HP’s malware software seems to be exactly the thing we need it, considering how frequent cyber attacks have become.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, Deep Instinct’s CEO announced that the software would be an important cog in HP’s Sure Sense, an in-house security net that safeguards the users’ privacy.

Calling it a state-of-the-art ‘internet watchdog’ would be a major understatement – the software is powered by a deep learning artificial intelligence, which is capable of detecting and dealing with any kind of malware, be it known or unknown.

According to Guy Caspi, Deep Instinct’s CEO and founder, the software’s deep learning abilities reinforces HP’s security grid.

This means fewer lower false-positive results, a high rate of detection, and the capability of mapping out unknown cybersecurity threats.

Furthermore, according to Andy Rhodes, HP’s Global Head of Commercial Personal Systems, the enhanced version of Sure Sense will be able to tell whether or not an app or connection is a cyber attack by analyzing its behavior.

For all HP owners who fear that the latest anti-malware solution will slow down their machines, both Caspi and Rhodes made assurances that the application was designed to have “minimal impact to system performance.”

Can I use Sure Sense on my system?

At the moment, only HP ZBook and EliteBook users will be able to download and install Sure Sense’ enhanced version. However, both companies made assurances that the software will be made available to all HP machines as soon as possible.

So, if you’re the proud owner of either of those two systems, you should consider downloading the latest Sure Sense version as soon as possible.

The AI-powered cybersecurity net will prove to be a profitable venture for both Deep Instinct and HP.

According to some reports, the two companies stand a making a truck-load of money – over $150 million over the next four years. Not bad, considering that Deep Instinct managed to rake over $66 million since 2015.

We would also like our readers to know that Deep Instinct is also behind The Persistence of Chaos, an art project which holds six of the worst malware ever to roam the Internet.


HP’s Sure Sense may be just the thing we need to protect our computer from the ever-evolving malware menace.

However, installing an AI-powered software doesn’t mean much without good cybersecurity practices. Remember that even a good watchdog falls asleep sometimes, and it’s up to the owner to keep the bad guys away from his yard.

What do you think about HP’s Sure Sense? Head to the comments section and let us know.

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