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Instagram Bound to Roll Out New Anti-Hacking Tool

In a bid to bring down the ever-increasing number of account hijacking, Instagram has rolled out a nifty new tool. According to the company, the extra security layer will allow the user to instantly gained accessed into an Insta account that has been previously overtaken and locked by a hacker. …

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Bitdefender’s Trans-European Initiative Gives Crippling Blow to GandCrab

BitDefender, the cybersecurity company behind the award-winning antivirus, has announced that a fourth decryption key for the notorious GandCrab is now available. The decryptor, which is the fruit of collaboration between the Metropolitan Police, Interpol, FBI, French Police, Bulgarian, and Romanian Police, will allow the users to retrieve their locked …

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Microsoft Joins Forces with NSA to Stop BlueKeep

The BlueKeep situation seems to have blown out of proportion; or, at least, that’s how it looks after the National Security Agency (NSA) decided to join efforts with Microsoft in an attempt to stop the spread of BlueKeep. The latest reports reveal that over one million machines are at risk. …

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HP Teams Up with Deep Instinct for Cybersecurity Watchdog

It would seem that the cybersecurity league has found a new champion in the fight against malware – an AI-powered ‘watchdog’ which knows how to tackle the most advanced cyber threats known to mankind. The state-the-art software is the brainchild of HP Inc. and Deep Instinct, a Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity …

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WannaCry Spin-off Computes Ransom Based on Computer

An uprising ransomware variant proves that even hackers can be considerate. Jerome Segura, a cybersecurity researcher with Malwarebytes, declared that Maze Ransomware, a WannaCry spin-off is capable of determining the ransom amount based on the status of the infected computer. Maze, also called ChaCha ransomware, has already infected thousands of …

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Baltimore Crippled Following Massive Ransomware Attack

A massive Ransomware attack that took place not two weeks ago has crippled the entire city of Baltimore. Though the FBI’s Cybersecurity Department is working around the clock to release the servers and identify the perpetrators, the city’s Mayor might not have any other choice but to comply with the …

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