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Tales from the DarkWeb – A Sequel to What Is Dark Web?

For some, the dark web is synonymous to an evil that never sleeps, but, to most Internet users, it’s a greyed-out area where few dares to venture. What’s even more daunting is the fact that nearly all people who have had dealings with ‘the undergarments of the Internet’ returned with …

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4 Ways To Dodge Cyber Criminals

Wherever there is money being made or valuables being kept, you can bet the farm that there are also criminals looking to gain access to those things. It took no time at all for the term “cyber criminal” to enter the common vernacular. Like investing in locks for our doors, …

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Ins and Outs of CAPTCHA Re-Riding Attacks

What Is a CAPTCHA Re-Riding Attack? Many web sites want to distinguish whether it is a robot that is reading the site or a human, mostly to avoid the spread of spam. They use a system called CAPTCHA, which is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell …

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CyberSecurity and Digital Currencies

Introduction Typically, digital currencies are private monetary values that exist only in ledgers. That is, a digital currency—offered and administered by a private organization—is bypassing the conventional banking system and governmental currencies, allowing monetary worth to change ownership for the purchase of goods and services. Because these currencies have no …

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