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UK Forensics Company Lifts Ransomware Attack Lockdown

Eurofins, a UK-based forensics provider, recently announced that its voluntary ‘lockdown’ had been lifted. On the 2nd of June, the company’s servers got encrypted by a “highly sophisticated ransomware.” Albeit a rumor, it would see that Eurofins had no choice but to pay the ransom in order to regain access …

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The Enemy Within – Hackers Turning AI Against Us

Remember that old saying: “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Well, as far as cyber warfare is concerned, the hackers have turned this rusty saying into a credo. In an article published on The Next Web, Isaac Ben-Israel, ICRC’s director and the Chairman of Cyber Week, noted that AI …

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Microsoft Nixes Traffic Tracking with Canary Update

It would appear that gathering real-time info is becoming increasingly difficult. Microsoft recently joined the traffic tracking crusade with its latest Canary update. When this option is switched on, companies and online advertisers will not be able to track your activity – good news for users who value their privacy, …

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Google Steps Up G-Suite Security with New Tools

Still worried about your business email being hacked? Well, worry no more, because Google has recently released a couple of security updates for its G-Suite Enterprise and G-Suite Enterprise for Education products. According to the company’s statement, G Suite administrators will be able to bypass the usual security measure using …

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What Should We Expect from Cyber Week 2019?

CyberSecurity Week June 2019 TelAviv

This week the University of Tel Aviv will be the host of Cyber Week 2019 or, as I like to call it, the E3 of cybersecurity. The event will bring together the very best that online security has to offer – speakers, events, workshops, and more. For those of you …

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Hacked with Raspberry Pie Nanocomputer

We really don’t need to fear the little green man with lasers when we’ve got a bigger threat right here, on earth. A recently published report from NASA’s Office of Inspector General reveals that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s IT infrastructure has been compromised in early April 2018. The investigators discovered …

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