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Old-school PC gamer, poetry buff, cat lover, tech wiz. His writing career began almost two decades ago when he modestly acknowledged that hindsight or, lack thereof, can compromise security. He enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. Most of his friends refer to Daniel as a "man of a few words, but, man, what words!" His interests include cybersecurity, IT, blogging, and, of course, everything related to technology.

Microsoft Pushes May 1903 Windows 10 Update by Removing Three Blocks

After many attempts and tweaks, Microsoft announced that Window 10’s 1903 build is finally ready for deployment. Earlier this week, the Windows Release Health Dashboard announced that the May build is fully functional and can be safely downloaded. According to Microsoft, the developers had to remove three blocks to stabilize …

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Apple Clamps Down Walkie-Talkie App due to Eavesdropping Bug

On Wednesday, Apple announced that its Walkie-Talkie application would be closed down until further notice. The tech giant revealed that the measure was taken after an undisclosed user flagged down a bug which potentially allowed a hacker to listen in on a conversation. Apple added that the fix is still …

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WannaCry Copycat Ransomware on the Rampage, Avast Confirms

Earlier this week, Avast, the company behind the award-winning AV and antimalware solution, announced the discovery of a new WannaCry strain. Dubbed WannaHydra, the cybersecurity researchers revealed that the malware was engineered to install spyware, crack open banks, and to remotely access admin functions. The latest WannaCry strain has already …

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UK Forensics Company Lifts Ransomware Attack Lockdown

Eurofins, a UK-based forensics provider, recently announced that its voluntary ‘lockdown’ had been lifted. On the 2nd of June, the company’s servers got encrypted by a “highly sophisticated ransomware.” Albeit a rumor, it would see that Eurofins had no choice but to pay the ransom in order to regain access …

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Amazon Backlashed over Retaining Voice Recordings

What’s not to like about Amazon? It has amazing products, great customer support, unparalleled bargains, and, on top of that, it even retains your voice commands history in case you forgot how to set the alarm or make an appointment. Indeed, earlier this week, the US-based company received a major …

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The Enemy Within – Hackers Turning AI Against Us

Remember that old saying: “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Well, as far as cyber warfare is concerned, the hackers have turned this rusty saying into a credo. In an article published on The Next Web, Isaac Ben-Israel, ICRC’s director and the Chairman of Cyber Week, noted that AI …

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You Can Now Wipe Your Location and Web History in Google

If you’re still worried about the companies eyeballing your online activity, then you will be relieved to hear that Google plans on rolling out a new feature which allows you to delete, well, everything. On the agenda since May, Google’s auto-delete option is just what the doctor ordered in terms …

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