Apple Supercharges Siri To Deal With Spam and Robocalls

The Cupertino tech giant recently announced that a huge milestone in spam filtering had been reached. In a bid to reduce the number of spam and fake calls, Apple has granted Siri the ability to deal with such nuisances. This is the latest feature of iOS 13, the latest version of Apple’s proprietary operating system.

How can Siri help me with robocalls and spam?

One of the least pleasurable perks of living in an online world is figuring out how to deal with spam. It makes no matter if it’s about emails or promotional videos popping out from the blue – they’re still annoying, and the user just doesn’t have the time nor the energy to dismiss and delete each and every one of them.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes into play – you just have to sit there, do about your daily business and your AI side-kick will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

At least this is how Apple sees things. The next-gen Siri will no longer be a simple virtual assistant. It will be able to watch over your phone like a silent guardian. What can we say? It’s the hero we need and wants for that matter.

The question still remains: how can Siri help me with fake calls? It’s quite a no-brainer – if you choose to switch on this option, Siri will only allow numbers from messages, emails, or contact to ring your phone.

Any unknown number will automatically be routed to your voice mail. That’s a great way to get rid of scammers and other people who got a hold of your phone number and won’t leave you be.

Don’t worry about real emergencies – Siri won’t delete the voice mails or tamper with them in any way. If an unknown contact reaches for something urgent, you will be able to replay the voice message.

We don’t know for certain if Siri has other spam filtering features, but, in all regards, it would seem that Apple really managed to do more about privacy with iOS 13, compared to previous operating systems.

Apart from Siri’s superpowers, the latest OS comes with other features such as dark mode, which comes in handy, especially at night.

The Photos application also received a major overhaul – you can now generate moments slideshows, by allowing the system to select various pictures from your photos gallery. Photo editing has also been updated – various lighting adjustments, portrait tweaks, new filters, and many more features.

If you’re still wondering about the volume bar that literally covered half of the screen, the devs have made minor modifications to the bar – works better and it’s less obtrusive.

It also looks like Apple ditched the Find My Friends and Find my friends app, replacing it a combined version called “Find My.” Apparently, the app allows you to track devices or people via Bluetooth. Works even when you’re offline.


Siri robocall-blocking feature is probably the best thing that happened to iOS. What’s your take on spam calls and this outstanding feature? Head to the comments section and let us know.

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