Huawei In Talks with Aptoide Following Google Play Ban

It was a hard blow for the Chinese telecom company when Trump ordered all foreign players to pack up their bags and leave the country.

Fortunately, it would seem that Huawei will refuse to roll with the blows.

According to a recent press statement, the Chinese company is reportedly in talks with Aptoide, a Google Play-like platform. Their plan is to use the alternative marketplace to continue deploying their applications.

Are we witnessing the birth of a new Google Play?

As you know, President Trump’s executive order forbids foreign telecom companies to operate on US soil or make use of homeland technology without Governmental approval.

Considered a devastating blow for Huawei, who only last year reported a double-digit increase for the Android market segment.

However, it would seem that the Chinese company has come up with a backup plan, one that may yet prove to be the beginning of a very profitable business venture.

Huawei disclosed no further information about this new partnership but, from the likes of it, Aptoide might have a shot at becoming the next Google Play or, perhaps something better.

At the moment, Huawei’s is trying to push new apps on Aptoide.

The platform has around 900,000 Android-based applications and fandom of 100 million people. With Huawei at the helm, those digits ought to double if not triple.

Why is this taking so long?

Huawei is now waiting to see how this plays out.  The executive order doesn’t go into effect for another 90 days, and it’s sensible to assume that Huawei is stalling as much as possible.

There’s another fact to take into account – with Google revoking the company’s Android license, Huawei’s no longer able to see ARMs, a vital cog in their Kirin designs.

For this to play out as Huawei intends, the company will also have to come up with a design akin to ARM.

So, in the long-run, Trump’s ban may yet prove to be indeed problematic to Huawei, but not an insurmountable task.

Apart from the joint venture with Aptoide, sources from inside Huawei have revealed that the company is planning on designing and launching a proprietary operating system.

This would be the last line of defense should all upcoming trade talks end in failure.

Although it’s not as versatile as Google Play, Aptoide does have some very interesting features.

At the come, the marketplace platforms mirror Samsung store, but with less curation. If this is to work, Huawei has a lot of cleaning up to do before the platform reaches its full potential.

Wrap up

Google Play had no other choice but to revoke Huawei’s Android license.

Furthermore, given the fact that Google holds the ARM patent, the Chinese company will have to come up with a solution before moving forward with its massive app deployment plan. So, where does that leave us?

At the moment, Honor and Huawei products have seen an increase in price, as a direct result of Trump’s executive order. Partial support is still available, but Huawei can’t offer any guarantees regarding updates.

What’s your opinion on the Huawei – Aptoide partnership? Head to the comments section and let us know.

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