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Facebook Joins Trump’s Crusade Against Huawei

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that Huawei would no longer be allowed to pre-install certain apps on smartphones. This includes Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. With Google rescinding Huawei’s license and now Facebook pulling the plug, it’s a wonder how Huawei still manages to stay afloat. The ban only applies …

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Huawei Strikes Back – Proprietary OS to Roll Out in Late 2019

The entire world held its breath after President Trump signed the executive order, banning China from using US technology. Many thought that this would lead to the company’s downfall, but it would seem that Huawei’s alive and kicking. More than that, according to a recent press statement, the Shenzhen-based telecom …

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Want to Fight Cybercrime? Join the US Marine Corps Today

Wars are no longer fought with guns or WMDs, but with keyboard, mice, and plenty of coffee. At least that’s what we’re led to believe after the US Marine Corps’ April drafting notice. In a bid to protect the country from cybernetic aggressions, General Robert Neller, the former Commandant of …

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Microsoft Quietly Removes Huawei Laptops from Online Store

In the wake of Trump’s exec order, which prohibits US companies from buying and using foreign telecom tech, Microsoft has removed Huawei laptops from its online store. Whereas a couple of weeks ago, the company was trumpeting the latest X Pro laptop in the MateBook series, now all search inquests …

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Huawei In Talks with Aptoide Following Google Play Ban

It was a hard blow for the Chinese telecom company when Trump ordered all foreign players to pack up their bags and leave the country. Fortunately, it would seem that Huawei will refuse to roll with the blows. According to a recent press statement, the Chinese company is reportedly in …

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Trump Blackballs China’s Telecom Tech to Secure US Networks

The seemingly tacit trading conflict between China and the United has finally reached the boiling point after President Trump has signed an executive order which denies foreign telecoms access to the US market. Trump’s decision was labeled “unreasonable” and ultimately “harmful to the interests of US companies and consumers.” The …

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