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Sideloading Gains Popularity Among Malware Distributors

And because the endless wave of spyware was not enough, we now have one more thing to worry about: sideloading Android apps. For those unfamiliar with the term, sideloading means getting an app (i.e., Netflix, Evernote, OneNote) from sources other than the official websites. Sure, there’s no difference between the …

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The Name’s Smith. Agent Smith of the Adware Company

Cybersecurity company Check Point recently revealed that second-generation adware is on the rampage. Over 25 million users worldwide have been affected so far by “Agent Smith,” a malicious agent that modifies and reinstalls legitimate applications such as Flipkart, Opera Mini, and WhatsApp. Check Point pinpointed the infection to 9Apps, a …

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Huawei Strikes Back – Proprietary OS to Roll Out in Late 2019

The entire world held its breath after President Trump signed the executive order, banning China from using US technology. Many thought that this would lead to the company’s downfall, but it would seem that Huawei’s alive and kicking. More than that, according to a recent press statement, the Shenzhen-based telecom …

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Tor Unveils New Browser for Android Users

Despite Tor becoming more or less synonymous to illegal dark web escapes, up to date, it’s the best solution for preserving anonymity. In a bid to offer an open-source product which basically levels all online users, making them impossible to trace, Tor has unveiled its plans to deliver an Android …

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Huawei In Talks with Aptoide Following Google Play Ban

It was a hard blow for the Chinese telecom company when Trump ordered all foreign players to pack up their bags and leave the country. Fortunately, it would seem that Huawei will refuse to roll with the blows. According to a recent press statement, the Chinese company is reportedly in …

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