Microsoft Joins Forces with NSA to Stop BlueKeep

The BlueKeep situation seems to have blown out of proportion; or, at least, that’s how it looks after the National Security Agency (NSA) decided to join efforts with Microsoft in an attempt to stop the spread of BlueKeep. The latest reports reveal that over one million machines are at risk. If the breach is not sealed in time, it could open the way for denial of service attacks and other cybernetic aggressions.

What’s NSA doing on Microsoft’s turf?

During a recent press statement, an NSA spokesperson declared that the Windows XP vulnerability must be addressed as soon as possible. The agency warned that it’s only a matter of time before we see another WannaCry outbreak.

Moreover, if the vulnerable machines remain unpatched, they could lead to other attacks that cannot be countered even with the most advanced cybersecurity measures in place.

The NSA declared that BlueKeep and DoS attack must not be taken lightly. An infected home computer might not seem like a big deal, but do keep in mind that malicious cyber actors aim for bigger targets: companies, city-wide networks, banks.

One can certainly recall the notorious 2017 WannaCry attack that crippled the UK’s entire health network. And that’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Since the 2017 incident, the United Kingdom has been constantly under siege.

So far, the endless ransomware attacks have cost the British crown over 90 billion pounds. If a more permanent solution is not found, we could very well bear witness to the dissolution of the NHS. And usually translates into a loss of lives.

As far as BlueKeep is concerned, according to Microsoft, the vulnerability has been detected in machines running older versions of Windows.

The latest reports reveal that Windows 8 and 10 are not at risk. So, if your Windows is out of date, you should consider updating to the latest version of Windows. Now, if you’re not comfortable with 10 or 8, you can always download Microsoft’s hotfix for BlueKeep and another security update the company will probably roll out in the near future.

There’s also another option: changing Windows’ them. If you really feel comfortable working with XP’s UI, you can always download the appropriate theme from Microsoft’s store. Yes, we know that it’s not the real deal, but it’s as close to the original Windows XP as you can get without putting your computer at risk.


At this very moment, NSA and Microsoft are working together in an attempt to stem BlueKeep. Both the agency and the company are urging XP users to either download the XP fix or update their OS to the latest version.

If need one more reason to secure your system, get this: a recent cybersecurity report has revealed that ransomware attacks are no longer targeting only big companies or state agencies. Home computers can also be infected, but the ransom will be determined based on the type of PC.

What’s your take on NSA teaming up with Microsoft in order to lift the BlueKeep siege? Head to the comments section and let us know.

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