Baltimore Crippled Following Massive Ransomware Attack

A massive Ransomware attack that took place not two weeks ago has crippled the entire city of Baltimore.

Though the FBI’s Cybersecurity Department is working around the clock to release the servers and identify the perpetrators, the city’s Mayor might not have any other choice but to comply with the hackers’ demands.

To release the encrypted data, the cybercriminals asked for $100,000 or the equivalent of 13 Bitcoins.

More details on the Baltimore Cyberattack

According to Daniel Tobok, the CEO of Cytelligence, the entire cyber siege has blown out of proportions and resolve in nowhere in sight.

Furthermore, as Tobok noted, although the Mayor’s most adamant about not giving in to terroristic threats, he may have little choice but to pay the ransom, which grows bigger with each passing day.

Everything begun after a city council employee was fired. The FBI can’t say for certain if the ex-employee is behind the attack or just a victim of bad timing, but it’s following every lead.

As for the attack, most of the city’s servers have been blocked and encrypted, the hackers demanding 13 Bitcoins in exchange for releasing the data. That was two weeks ago.

Failing to comply in time, the attackers upped the ante – $10,000 more with each passing day until their demands are fulfilled.

Although the City Council is steadfast in its decision, Tobok noted that, in the long-run, this stalling could have grave consequences.

Since the attack occurred, all transactions were cash-only, not to mention the fact that citizens are unable to access their bank account.

Various insurance companies are no longer able to issue policies, on account of the attack. And the worst is yet to come.

What happens if the hackers’ demands are not met?

Tobok speculated that if the City Council refuses to comply, the hackers will more than likely amscray, but not before deleting every bit of encrypted data.

The loss would be incalculable should this occur. Meanwhile, the city council has banded together with FBI’s foremost specialist on security in order to restore partial operations.

According to some sources, one attempt has already been carried out with some degree of success.

In the meantime, the law enforcement authorities are doing everything they can in order to identify and arrest the persons behind this attack.

This is not the first time Baltimore’s has come under cyber attack. In fact, only last year the city’s 911 dispatch was forced to switch to ‘manual mode’ after a Ransomware attack crippled the entire network.


The recent Baltimore attack once again proved that the security is still loose. In the end, the authorities may have no other choice than to comply with the demands.

So, where does that leave us?

Do we have to leave in fear that another attack might be around the corner or should this be a sort of wake-up call?

There’s a perfectly good reason why all software service providers recommend updates. Perhaps this may be a good starting point to a change that could safeguard our infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on the Baltimore cyberattack? Head to the comments section and let us know.

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