Daniel Sadler

Old-school PC gamer, poetry buff, cat lover, tech wiz. His writing career began almost two decades ago when he modestly acknowledged that hindsight or, lack thereof, can compromise security. He enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. Most of his friends refer to Daniel as a "man of a few words, but, man, what words!" His interests include cybersecurity, IT, blogging, and, of course, everything related to technology.

What Should We Expect from Cyber Week 2019?

CyberSecurity Week June 2019 TelAviv

This week the University of Tel Aviv will be the host of Cyber Week 2019 or, as I like to call it, the E3 of cybersecurity. The event will bring together the very best that online security has to offer – speakers, events, workshops, and more. For those of you …

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Dell SupportAssist Vulnerable to Takeovers. Update Your PC Now!

Dell urges all customers to update their SupportAssist software ASAP. The announcement comes after a cybersecurity company identified a vulnerability that allows hackers to completely take over a PC. According to Dell, the problems affect both business and home PCs. Is there another doctor in the house? For those of …

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Hacked with Raspberry Pie Nanocomputer

We really don’t need to fear the little green man with lasers when we’ve got a bigger threat right here, on earth. A recently published report from NASA’s Office of Inspector General reveals that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s IT infrastructure has been compromised in early April 2018. The investigators discovered …

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Instagram Bound to Roll Out New Anti-Hacking Tool

In a bid to bring down the ever-increasing number of account hijacking, Instagram has rolled out a nifty new tool. According to the company, the extra security layer will allow the user to instantly gained accessed into an Insta account that has been previously overtaken and locked by a hacker. …

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Bitdefender’s Trans-European Initiative Gives Crippling Blow to GandCrab

BitDefender, the cybersecurity company behind the award-winning antivirus, has announced that a fourth decryption key for the notorious GandCrab is now available. The decryptor, which is the fruit of collaboration between the Metropolitan Police, Interpol, FBI, French Police, Bulgarian, and Romanian Police, will allow the users to retrieve their locked …

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VLC Receives Patch for Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

VideoLan, the company behind open-source video player VLC, has recently announced that two major vulnerabilities have been fixed. Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the company’s CEO and lead dev, argued that the two fixes are part of a larger patch, which VideoLan began pushed last week. Over 33 issues were fixed, including the …

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Amcrest HD Cameras Prone to Complete Takeover, Cybersecurity Company Reveals

Amcrest, the company that manufactures live-stream surveillance cameras, has just disclosed that two zero-day vulnerabilities have been identified. The bugs, which are apparently confined to the IPM-721S models, allow complete take-over of the cameras. Both the company and the cybersecurity company who identified the flaws urge consumers to download and …

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Buggy Evernote Extension Exposes Millions of Users

Well, it appears that 2019 has been officially nominated as the hacking year. This time is our lovable and handy Evernote or, as I like to call it, the best thing that ever happened to the taking down notes business. Earlier this week, a company spokesperson revealed that due to …

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