Vivaldi Web browser officially launched on Android

Vivaldi is the newest browser available to Android smartphone users and also the newest browser that adds tracker lock features on both desktop and phone.

According to release news, Vivaldi is now available on Android 5 or higher and is compatible also with Chromebooks and tablets.

Vivaldi for desktop reaches version 3.0 and adds a number of new features, led by a web tracker lock and ad blocking option.

They incorporated DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar-powered blocklist, meaning creepy third-party trackers are blocked in the background as you browse the web. This will create a more private and fast web experience with no extra effort or sacrifices.

It’s an option that offers a high level of customization, with users able to set up and choose between multiple levels of strictures with which trackers are blocked.  Changes can be made for each site.

The second added feature is an adblocker. It is not enabled by default but is two clicks away for those who want to activate it.

Like the tracker blockers, the adblocker can be turned on and off for each site. Vivaldi for Android also includes a tracker and ad-blocking options, offering other features, such as data synchronization between platforms and a dark mode.

Unknown to most users, Vivaldi is a browser with pedigree. This is the product of the Norwegians who created Opera, one of the most innovative browsers of all time and the only viable alternative to Internet Explorer for several years. After selling the Opera to a Chinese consortium, the Opera’s creators released Vivaldi.

While we don’t expect everyone to suddenly switch over from Google Chrome, Vivaldi might be a great alternative for the privacy-conscious. You can download the stable release over on the Google Play Store right now.

Vivaldi ranked #9 on our Top 10 Most Secure Web Browsers.

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