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Google Steps Up G-Suite Security with New Tools

Still worried about your business email being hacked? Well, worry no more, because Google has recently released a couple of security updates for its G-Suite Enterprise and G-Suite Enterprise for Education products. According to the company’s statement, G Suite administrators will be able to bypass the usual security measure using …

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G-Suite to Receive a ‘Business Incognito Mode’ in June

Great news for business owners who firmly believe in the motto: “what happens on the work computer, should stay on the work computer.” In a recent blog post, Google announced that G-Suite would receive a confidential mode. The update will be rolled out in early June. Why would you need …

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Google Announces Bug Fix for Stored Plain-Text Passwords Issue

Earlier this week, Google wrote in its Cloud blog that a zero-day vulnerability had been identified and fix. The issue, which dates back to Gmail Suite’s 2005, would store plain-text passwords on a server that could have been easily targeted by hackers. Why would Google store plain-text passwords? In or …

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