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Three years Later Logitech Dongle Vulnerability Still Unpatched

Back in 2016, The Verge’s Sean Hollister flagged a zero-day vulnerability to Logitech. According to Hollister, due to a factory defect, Logitech’s wireless dongle is susceptible to takeover attacks. Apparently, the vulnerability has yet to be patched, despite cybersecurity experts warning the company about the consequences. Hollister pointed out that …

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Security Researcher Reveals Windows 10 Zero-Day Vulnerability

A security researcher has recently revealed a major Windows 10 vulnerability that could potentially give a hacker full access to a computer. The researcher, which goes by the GitHub handle SandboxEscaper, said that the exploit had been successfully tested on machines running the 32- and 64-bit version of Windows 10. …

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Google Announces Bug Fix for Stored Plain-Text Passwords Issue

Earlier this week, Google wrote in its Cloud blog that a zero-day vulnerability had been identified and fix. The issue, which dates back to Gmail Suite’s 2005, would store plain-text passwords on a server that could have been easily targeted by hackers. Why would Google store plain-text passwords? In or …

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