7 Questions To Ask Your IT Company About Cyber Security
7 Questions To Ask Your IT Company About Cyber Security

The 7 Questions To Ask Your IT Company About Cyber Security Today

As an IT support company, Amazing Support takes cybersecurity very seriously. With our London and North London clients, we ensure that data is protected and that systems are secure.

We feel that every business should ask their IT company about digital security, so we put together this guide with 7 questions you should ask your IT agency.

Am I Using Two-Factor Authentication on All My Systems?

Two-Factor Authentication is one of the simplest ways to protect access to your systems. Also called multiple-factor or multiple-step verification, this process requires more than one step to log in.

Usually, you enter your credentials like a username and password, then you’re prompted to enter another form of secure information. You receive a code either by text message or email.

Two-Factor Authentication is easy to set up and should be used on any system or account that requires a username and password.

If you have a password, shouldn’t that be enough, though? Considering that 65% of people use the same passwords for everything, or that 90% of employee passwords can be cracked by cybercriminals within six hours, passwords are not enough.

What’s the Status of My Systems’ Patching and Security?

One of the most common ways cybercriminals hack into your network is through gaps in your software updates. Manufacturers frequently release patches and updates to resolve issues a software is experiencing. Keeping up to date on these releases is vital to your digital security.

Holes in your security threaten not only your data but also that of other networks connected to you. Ask your IT company for verification that everything on your system is patched and updated. They should continue to monitor this weekly and be able to provide you with monthly reports.

What’s the Status of My Anti-Virus Protection?

Always enquire about your anti-virus protection, as it’s one of the most basic security features you can install. A good anti-virus program should protect your data from many intrusions apart from just viruses. These threats include bots, rootkits, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and threats via messaging (like fraudulent email links).

Your IT company should verify with you that your anti-virus protection is robust and current, running all the required updates. They should also ensure that every computer has proper protection with the latest virus definitions.

A good IT support company can give you detailed monthly reports on this as well.

Do I Have Email and Web Filtering Active?

91% of malware is delivered via email. Training employees on cyber threats and how to remain alert for these kinds of phishing attacks is one essential way to handle email attacks. Using anti-virus protection that warns against fraudulent links in emails is also necessary.

Web filtering – blocking employee access to some websites – can reduce company liability and even increase productivity. With the right support from your IT company, attacks can be blocked before even coming through your email. If links do get through, web filtering can restrict employee access to potentially dangerous websites.

Can I Request a Backup Report?

A good backup strategy is crucial for digital security. Backup reports protect you if you face data loss in the case of hardware failure or accidental deletions. You can also use backups to search for unauthorized changes made by hackers and track the history of hackers’ activities in your system.

Solid IT companies prioritize the security of your data. They should provide you with daily backup reports, keeping you consistently updated on backup processes.

Do You Offer Cyber Security Awareness Training?

With a protected, secure network, you’re still not guaranteed against cyber-attacks. Many data breaches are the result of human error. Cybercriminals target people because humans are fallible, we’re much easier to trick than software.

Continued employee education on cybersecurity best practices is a necessity for any enterprise. Your IT agency should be able to handle the demands for employee training. A good IT company knows that human users pose a risk to your system and works to mitigate that risk through instruction and awareness.

Are You Able to Protect My Credentials and Access to My Systems?

IT companies themselves should have top-notch security practices in place. By working with many clients, they handle numerous businesses’ data. Ask your IT company to ensure that no one else they work with will be able to access your systems.

Summing Up

At Amazing Support, we address all of these questions and more when we optimize your company’s digital security. Your data’s safety and your satisfaction are our priorities.

Get in touch with us today to see what cybersecurity solutions we can provide for you.

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