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Facebook to Close Messenger for Kids Groups

And because Facebook stalkers are not enough from deterring you from creating a Facebook account, here’s one more incentive. Recently, Facebook announced that it would be closing down several Messenger for Kids group chats, which were found to be in violation with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). The company …

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Amazon Backlashed over Retaining Voice Recordings

What’s not to like about Amazon? It has amazing products, great customer support, unparalleled bargains, and, on top of that, it even retains your voice commands history in case you forgot how to set the alarm or make an appointment. Indeed, earlier this week, the US-based company received a major …

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You Can Now Wipe Your Location and Web History in Google

If you’re still worried about the companies eyeballing your online activity, then you will be relieved to hear that Google plans on rolling out a new feature which allows you to delete, well, everything. On the agenda since May, Google’s auto-delete option is just what the doctor ordered in terms …

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Amazon Slapped with Lawsuit for Unlawfully Recording Children

It would appear that Amazon is going through yet another “oh-oh! I did it again” phase; earlier this week, a Seattle couple declared that it intends to seek legal action against the company which, allegedly, has unlawfully been recording the voice of their 10-year-old daughter. In at least 8 US …

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Google’s Hidden Feature Keeps Tabs on Your Online Shopping List

Earlier this week, an influential tech publication revealed that Google has been keeping tracks of users’ personal purchases via a hidden tool. According to Google, the tool was meant to provide Gmail users with a history of past purchases and receipt from G-store. A company representative added that the collected …

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