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The Enemy Within – Hackers Turning AI Against Us

Remember that old saying: “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Well, as far as cyber warfare is concerned, the hackers have turned this rusty saying into a credo. In an article published on The Next Web, Isaac Ben-Israel, ICRC’s director and the Chairman of Cyber Week, noted that AI …

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Dell SupportAssist Vulnerable to Takeovers. Update Your PC Now!

Dell urges all customers to update their SupportAssist software ASAP. The announcement comes after a cybersecurity company identified a vulnerability that allows hackers to completely take over a PC. According to Dell, the problems affect both business and home PCs. Is there another doctor in the house? For those of …

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Hacked with Raspberry Pie Nanocomputer

We really don’t need to fear the little green man with lasers when we’ve got a bigger threat right here, on earth. A recently published report from NASA’s Office of Inspector General reveals that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s IT infrastructure has been compromised in early April 2018. The investigators discovered …

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Instagram Bound to Roll Out New Anti-Hacking Tool

In a bid to bring down the ever-increasing number of account hijacking, Instagram has rolled out a nifty new tool. According to the company, the extra security layer will allow the user to instantly gained accessed into an Insta account that has been previously overtaken and locked by a hacker. …

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Tech Data Leaks 260GB of Data Stored on Unsecured Server

Tech Data, a Fortune 500 company and one of the biggest supplies of IT solutions, recently came under fire after receiving an email from two cybersecurity experts. According to the inflammatory email, the company leaked at least 260GB of sensitive data. Inside sources reveal that that data was stored on …

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