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Dell SupportAssist Vulnerable to Takeovers. Update Your PC Now!

Dell urges all customers to update their SupportAssist software ASAP. The announcement comes after a cybersecurity company identified a vulnerability that allows hackers to completely take over a PC. According to Dell, the problems affect both business and home PCs. Is there another doctor in the house? For those of …

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Buggy Evernote Extension Exposes Millions of Users

Well, it appears that 2019 has been officially nominated as the hacking year. This time is our lovable and handy Evernote or, as I like to call it, the best thing that ever happened to the taking down notes business. Earlier this week, a company spokesperson revealed that due to …

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Evite ‘Invites’ Hacker into Unsecured Data Locker

And this week’s how-not-to-secure-your-endpoints goes to stationary and online invites Evite, whose database was auctioned on the dark web for 0.2419 Bitcoins. With peer pressure on the rise, the company has decided to disclose the details of the incident earlier this week. Interestingly enough, the incident took place on or …

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Amazon Slapped with Lawsuit for Unlawfully Recording Children

It would appear that Amazon is going through yet another “oh-oh! I did it again” phase; earlier this week, a Seattle couple declared that it intends to seek legal action against the company which, allegedly, has unlawfully been recording the voice of their 10-year-old daughter. In at least 8 US …

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