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V is for Vulnerability

vector – Another word for ‘method’, as in ‘They used multiple vectors for the attack’

virtual private network (VPN) – a method of providing a secure connection between two points over a public (or unsecure) infrastructure, for example, to setup a secure link between a remote company laptop in a hotel and the main company network.

virus – a form of malware that spreads by infecting (attaching itself to) other files and usually seeks opportunities to continue that pattern. Viruses are now less common than other forms of malware. Viruses were the main type of malware in very early computing. For that reason, people often refer to something as a virus when it is technically another form of malware.

vishing – abbreviation for voice phishing. The use of a phone call or similar communication method (such as instant messaging) where the caller attempts to deceive the recipient in to performing an action (such as visiting a URL), or revealing information that can then be used to obtain unauthorized access to systems or accounts. Usually the ultimate purpose is to steal (or hold ransom) something of value. These types of calls are becoming extremely regular, as the criminal gangs involved may have stolen part of the recipients data already (name, phone number, …) to help persuade the person receiving the call that it is authentic. As a rule, if you did not initiate a call or message, you should never comply with any demand, especially to visit any webpage or link.

vulnerability – (in the context of cybersecurity) a weakness, usually in design, implementation or operation of software (including operating systems), that could be compromised and result in damage or harm.

vulnerability assessment (VA) –  a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure.

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